2021 the year of many surprises

I have spent the last day of the last couple of years, ruminating about the days that made up the year. I have plans to spend the last evening of 2021 with friends and hence sat down to put into words what this year has been to me. To put it in one sentence, It's … Continue reading 2021 the year of many surprises

First 100 days

It's been 100 days today since I became an integral part of a business that Vijay is passionate about. It's my 3rd venture and his too, but 1st one for us both together. http://www.healthplanet.co.nz The euphoria that a sale brings with it is something that needs to be experienced. It is true that the universe … Continue reading First 100 days

Bit about bot

“It takes a small bit to lose a customer and a small bot to save them…!”  I completely agree with this. Including a chatbot on our e-commerce website inspired me to learn more about the importance of chatbots. I read up all that could find about bots and this is what I learnt. WHAT? A … Continue reading Bit about bot


Happiness is ...........hanging from a tree branch. My arms clasped around the branch of a tree and my legs too. Dangling from a tree branch like a monkey was pure bliss. Hanging there for less than a minute felt like an eternity. I wish my arms had the strength to keep me there for longer. … Continue reading Happiness

The core of any business – their contact /support centre.

The contact/support centre must be proactive rather than reactive. It must be able to map the customer journey across the various touchpoints. This is possible thru' varying degrees of automation and personalisation. An omnichannel platform that supports a 360 degrees view of customer interactions is the key.

My HAIR – my story.

“Why would you do that?”  “Do you want to look older than you are?”  “Are you having money problems?” These are some of the questions I got asked on a Zoom Call recently from girls I went to college with. Women and their hair, it’s a love story that starts early in life. As little … Continue reading My HAIR – my story.

Ways to cope during difficult times

Develop your own ways to cope during difficult times If there’s anything the past couple of years have taught me, it’s that life doesn’t always go to plan. Some events are simply out of our control and that can be an unsettling realisation. While we can’t plan for every eventuality, there are things we can … Continue reading Ways to cope during difficult times

House Arrest

I am tempted to write about this after watching a movie with the same title last night. The movie is about a world-weary man's self-imposed house confinement. It's a comedy of errors with the simultaneous arrivals of a peculiar package and a curious journalist. It got me thinking about our current situation of "House arrest" … Continue reading House Arrest


when you put on each and every piece find out why you are not wearing it standing infront of your mirror Does it suit me / does it fit into my life style Does it fit me / does it flatter my body structure Does it need tweaking - will I wear it if it is fixed or altered / change in hem length


We have all heard the word DETOX. Do we fully understand what this means. It was the winter of 2006, when I had a very tough time in life with being in and out of emergency rooms and hospital stays multiple times. It was during one of the recovery sessions at home, that a Mental … Continue reading DETOX

Is this unconditional love ?

Should all relationships be mutual ? Should all feelings be mutual? Was almost a ’ Sowmya free’ day until I called at 6 and ruined it for both of us. I was in pain, pain of hurt, pain of jealousy and pain from period. I said words that hurt and I heard words that pierced … Continue reading Is this unconditional love ?

Conscious Fashion

We are learning, unlearning and relearning everyday. Some goals are met some yet to be met. Some rules followed and some rewritten.Some plans are working and some need tweaking. What we are focussing and working towards currently are1. To become zero waste as a sustainability goal2. To support local businesses3. To focus on body positivity To become … Continue reading Conscious Fashion