Gauva Zing

What do I do on a very hot Thursday afternoon, when I have no plans for the long weekend ahead. The planned meeting with a friend who is visiting town gets cancelled. The hubby is snoozing in front of TV with a broken toe. My best friend is busy doing some last-minute shopping with her family before the long weekend. I can’t call any of my other friends in NZ. Its past midnight now in Auckland. Reminder to self : Must catch up with them this long weekend

I want to write a blog post, I have never done this before. I love the idea of doing things for the first time. Should I try ? Can I write ? What do I write about ?

Never mind, let me get a cold drink out of the fridge and then decide.

When I opened the fridge, I saw the Gauva juice that I had bought a few days ago. It was still unopened. It was cold and this is inviting when its 37 degree now.

I pulled it out and didn’t want to just settle down with a boring guava drink. I had long ago had a Guava Zing at Coffee day and I decided to make my version of it based on my memory.

I surprised my self by making my own simple syrup. Equal parts or sugar and water is what I have also read about  a simple syrup. It can’t get simpler than that.

I had a bunch of mint leaves this morning, which is what is very refreshing in this heat. Don’t know what I was thinking this morning when I placed mint leaves and set the ice tray.

Was I lucky or what, I had mint ice cubes when I was all set to whip up a drink now.



So……… here is what I did

I didn’t have the right stem ware for this lovely drink. Never the less, the wine glass didn’t make it taste any different.

I dipped the lip of the wine glasses in the simple syrup and then dipped them in salt. I then added the ice cubes to the wine glass, poured the guava juice to the brim and added a pinch of freshly ground black pepper corn. I topped it with a couple of fresh mint leaves and wellaaaa………….my version of Guava Zing is ready.

The hubby was pleasantly surprised when I had to wake him up for this relishing drink.

I enjoyed the drink as I much as I enjoyed whipping it up. I took some photos to send it to my sister.

Here I am now writing about it…………Is this what blogs are made of ??

If yes, I’m loving writing my first blog post.

much love xx



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