Pineapple + Mint + Ginger

I hate it even when I have so much to say, but can’t put it into words.

My day started not too well today as I woke up with a sore back due to disturbed sleep. The back’s hurting and a lot of work is waiting.

My normal work day starts even before I get out of bed. I work for a NZ based company and with them being ahead of us in time, they are waiting for me to get online. I check my phone even before I see daylight and jump out of bed.

Issues at work – trying to sort.

Sore back –  Must do some exercise.

A crack in the display of my phone. ONCE MORE ??

House hold chores – started with the dishes, then preparing lunch and finally hanging up the big load of washing.

A small disagreement with the hubby and the tone in the voice is high which is very upsetting.

My friend needed to talk to me and was texting me and I didn’t hear my phone buzz as I was lost in thoughts of work when I was hanging up the washing.

All this before lunch time and everything else is still waiting to be done.

The plan was to catch a nap after lunch but work kept me busy. It annoyed me that I hadn’t done anything for myself today.

At 4 pm when hubby was working with a friend on a project, I decide to make a cup of tea for them. But I didn’t make tea …………..

I found frozen pineapple in the fridge. A cold drink is what one needs when its 39 degrees and feels like 42 degrees. Lucky we are indoors. The skin feels like its on fire.

I wanted to try out a pineapple drink recipe that I had seen on pintrest a couple of days ago. I didn’t have pine apple that day and when I couldn’t find the same recipe today. Damn…. I hadn’t save the pin. The recipe said to use fresh pineapple. I had frozen and used it in my own way.

Memories of sugarcane juice made me add mint and ginger to this.


Frozen pineapple + Mint – these leaves look wilted, the heat hasn’t spared them. They tasted and smelt very refreshing + Ginger

I added 1/2 a cup of water as the frozen pineapple turned out too think when I stopped the blender. I wanted a drink consistency and not slush.

When I served this over a few ice cubes, the guys were pleasantly surprised. They didn’t even try to strike a conversation with me earlier as they felt that the heat combined with my work had gotten the better of me and they felt safe staying away from me.

I turned out to be kind of an ice breaker to get back to normal mood and life. The photos here don’t do enough justice to the smell and taste.


Refreshing Drink


Three serves

Must remember for next time when the ice – should I say the heat needs to be dealt with.

Share it if you like it and let me know what your favourite pineapple drink is.

Much Love xx


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