Fortune is defined as an arbitrary force affecting human affairs usually associated with a large amount of money or assets.

Armoured with the will to explore and the itch do something adventurous we packed our bags and immigrated to New Zealand in the year 2002. It feels light years away now. The promise to ourselves when we left on our first adventure in life together was to make a fortune.

We landed in Auckland, a new and inviting city, a city with many immigrants, no one we knew. Not a familiar name or face in sight. We lived in downtown while I went to fashion school. I walked every lane and by-lanes in the city of sails. I discovered short cuts across Albert Park so I could cheat the clock and sleep-in an extra 5 minutes each morning before going to school.

We moved to the suburbs at the end of the year when I finished school and secured my first job in a Design house. Walking thru’ the suburbs, discovering “Indian shops”, I made a few friends on the bus going to work. Bought our first car, felt on top of the world when I got a driving license.

We saw a quaint little house across the school boundary, fell in love with it and saved every dollar to pay the deposit. Our house soon became our home. We welcomed neighbours into our house and hearts and today we are very fortunate to have them as our best friends.

Changing jobs, making new friends, coming back home for short holidays, accumulating house hold “stuff”, parents visiting, going on road trips with friends. We did mostly what every other immigrant did.

4 jobs over 13+ years,  a health and wellbeing business, 3 cars, an overseas holiday every year, a huge wardrobe, a collection of shoes, awesome experiences, infinite memories, friends who are family now.

With our Auckland family we have shared many highs and lows, laughter and tears, little bit of my cooking(I learnt to cook as it was a skill needed for survival), lots of lunches and dinners with irreplaceable friends, countless memories, celebrations and milestones in life……..

Wanting to be closer to our parents,  we packed our bags and relocated to Bangalore in the year 2015. It feels like forever now. The promise to ourselves when we left Auckland on our next adventure in life together was to make another fortune.

Friends for life, memories, experiences, struggles, small wins, celebrations. This is the fortune we have built together.We intend to build on these and expand our fortune in our home town with our parents and family now.

I define Fortune here as an arbitrary force of life, the effects of which are causes for Contentment and Happiness.




Elixir is a substance, usually a liquid, with a magical power to cure, improve, or preserve something.

Some call coffee elixir.  Some call sugar elixir. Some call honey elixir. Some others call tea elixir, I am one of them too sometimes. Anything can happen over Tea. There is nothing that a good cup of tea and the company of your best friend cannot solve. Coffee, Sugar, Honey, Tea – all these in one way or the other lifts your mood and spirit and you feel dependent of them for feeling good.

I have sometimes felt that my work is my elixir. The reason for me to keep going and one step each day towards where I want to get. I enjoy what I do. It’s hard to sleep many nights as the voices and thoughts in my head are too loud and excited with what needs to be created next morning. Each day brings with itself a new meaning to what I do, I learn, I relearn, I laugh and cry and love creating. I love making things and my best friend calls me an artist.

I have made many things and enjoy making clothes and jewellery. The sense of satisfaction and contentment that I get when I get complimented for my creations is compensation enough for the hours of work the goes into creating it. I strongly believe in the quote by Robin S. Sharma – “Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality”. 

I interpret Elixir as the essence with the magical power that leads you toward what you want to achieve.

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Purple is a colour made by combining red and blue. Purple is the color most often associated with royalty, magic and mystery.

Purple was the colour worn by the rulers of the Roman empire and also  by the Roman catholic Bishops. The emperors of Japan are also associated with this colour.


The purple I love best is my Mom’s Saree. I felt like a princess in my Mom’s purple saree recently and that is my fondest memory of purple.

There are a lot of purples today – Purple Haze, Purple Data, Purple Stitch, Purple room, etc.

26th  March was annual National Epilepsy Awareness Day – which is observed as Purple Day. People are encouraged to wear the colour purple to increase awareness of epilepsy. According to the World Health Organisation (Who), nearly 50 million people live with epilepsy globally and the need to spread awareness about it is growing rapidly.

What I would have liked is a Purple M&M.

In 1995, the M&M company held an open vote for all of its consumers to choose what color would replace tan.( I havent had a bag of M&M’s with Tan in them. Not sure if I would like a candy that colour). The colours they could choose between were Pink, blue, and purple. Pop open a bag of M&M’s today, and the results are apparent. Since the color vote in 1995, they’ve had the same colors we know and love, which means no purple.

For a bag of purple M&M’s:

Screenshot 2017-03-27 22.29.47.png



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Symbiosis. It is the interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both. It is also a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups.
I was reading about soulmates this evening and want to talk about it here.
Soulmate is a person with whom you have a connection. It is a connection so strong that you are drawn towards them in many ways. And this connection only develops and strengthens over time and grows with you and become an inseparable part of your life.
This connection transcends looks, age, distance and race.  You begin to connect with each other in  every way and on every level. This connection brings with itself a sense of peace, calmness and happiness when you are around each other. This connection brings contentment.
This connection you share with your soulmate is not always easy explained. It is a meeting of mind, heart, body and soul. Communication is at its easiest, as you understand each other perfectly, and accept each other completely for what they are with no judgments and expectations of the other changing for you.
A soul mate is someone who gives you more than just a butterfly feeling – feeling of a whole zoo inside you sometimes. Hearing your soulmates’ voice,  reading a note, by just seeing your soulmate across the room you feel the insides of you light up and sing.
Soulmates are the love of each others’ life and each others’ best friends. You can spread your mind in front of your soulmate and you are like each others’ mirror. You are each others’ punching bag,  when you need to punch, your punching bag won’t punch you back.
Your soul mate completes you. There is so much more but it is so hard to put into words because how your soulmate makes you feel is magical and unique. when you miss your soulmate and don’t talk or see each other, you feel like a sunflower waiting for the sunlight to revive its life.
Falling in love with your soulmate is winning life’s lottery. This is a person who doesn’t like you, but a person who loves you. Not the person you can spend the rest of your life with, but the person you can’t spend the rest of your life without.
Finding my soulmate is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have never felt this kind of  connection, love and understanding before. We connect in so many ways, it astounds me and surprises me so often as I discover new feelings that we share. It always makes me happy thinking of all the memories we have created for ourselves. The one person who always make me smile, who constantly inspires me, who shares my hopes and dreams, who is  happy for my achievements and celebrates my small wins, who makes me whole and completes me.
Thank your soulmate for being your soulmate, teaching you what true love is and inspiring you to be the best person you can be.
Isn’t this a perfect symbiotic relationship ?


Ordinary. This is being without any special or distinctive features, being normal.

An ordinary march afternoon, with the temperature rising to reach 34 degrees. It  was spent with a cousin visiting town. we made it special with our laughter and reminiscing about the childhood we spent together.

The oldest amongst 5 kids from an extended family I was the tallest. This didn’t last long.  I have an ordinary height and the shortest amongst the 5 of us today.

I was the first one to be able to find a way to climb onto to the wall which supported my feet to crawl up to the fruit tree on the side yard. I would pick the ones that I could get my hands to reach and fill my pockets with them. Crawling back down, I would share it with the  ones who would look up to me as I had just done what they could not get up.That didn’t last long either.

One late afternoon I managed to get my neck stuck between the fork of 2 branches and my mom couldn’t get up the tree to free my neck and get me down. I positioned myself to comfort and waited patiently till my dad came home in the evening and got me down. This was just one of many afternoons which I have spent either on the terrace collecting baby coconuts or on the fruit trees that surround our house on all sides.

It was on another summer afternoon that I hired a bicycle and tried to teach myself how to cycle. I fell off it and that caused my world to crash. Staring at the scar on leg now, I am smiling, remembering that ordinary afternoon.

During one summer break, my aunt who was spending the summer with us, drew water out from the well in our backyard and poured it on my head. She must have done it to entertain or amuse me or to cool me down in the heat. Whatever was her intention, I will never know. What I cannot forget is the cold water running down my back and the shivers of excitement it sent up to my brain. I smile to myself thinking about this every time I rush in and get under the shower before the hot water can reach and I get a drizzle of cold water on my back.

These are bits and pieces of the ordinary childhood moments that have stuck with me to make my childhood extra ordinary in many ways.



Symptom. This is defined as a physical or mental feature which is regarded as indicating a condition. A condition that indicates your physical or mental status at any particular point in time.

If you really really enjoy doing something, people can see it in your eyes, hear it in your voice and feel it in your body language.The sparkle in your eyes in the symptom of your enjoyment in doing what you love. The tone of excitement in your voice is the symptom of your pleasure in doing what you love. The grace and confidence in your body language is the symptom of your contentment in doing what you love.

Ask your friends and family — do they see the symptoms of  a sparkle in your eyes, hear a tone of excitement in your voice and feel the grace of confidence in your body language?

Do you really really love what you do ?


Jamdani refers to the extra-weft weaving technique that is indigenous to craftsmen from Bangladesh and West Bengal. The intricate and elaborate designs are often in thin muslin cottons. This craft is highly labour and time-intensive, making it one of the most luxurious and expensive textile crafts in India. Once patronized by royalty, this fabric is a celebration of the high level of skill achievable in hand-loom weaving.

It is believed that ‘Jamdani’ originates from the words ‘Jam’ which means flower, and the word ‘Dani’ which means vase or container. Many of the traditional motifs are flowers and hence the name.

This is a supplementary weft technique of weaving, where the artistic motifs are produced by a non-structural weft, in addition to the standard weft that holds the warp threads together.

Screenshot 2017-03-23 23.01.30

The standard weft creates a fine, sheer fabric while the supplementary weft with thicker threads adds the intricate patterns to it. Each supplementary weft motif is added separately by hand by interlacing the weft threads into the warp with fine bamboo sticks using individual spools of thread.Two weavers usually sit side-by-side at the loom and add the discontinuous weft motif separately in order to cover the motifs that appear across the weft of the fabric.

Screenshot 2017-03-23 23.03.05

The result is a myriad of vibrant patterns that appear to float on a shimmering surface. What’s remarkable in this weaving technique is that the pattern is not sketched or outlined on the fabric. Instead, it is drawn on a graph paper and placed underneath the warp. Jamdani is a fine muslin cloth on which decorative motifs are woven on the loom, typically in grey and white. Often a mixture of cotton and gold threads are also used.


UNESCO has declared the traditional art of weaving Jamdani as “Intangible cultural heritage of Humanity”.

The word Jamdani has Persian origin. Jam means flower and Dani means vase . It has been spoken of as the most artistic textile of the Bangladeshi weaver. They are traditionally woven around Dhaka, Bangladesh, and on the brocade loom.

In India weavers in Bengal weave it.