Purple is a colour made by combining red and blue. Purple is the color most often associated with royalty, magic and mystery.

Purple was the colour worn by the rulers of the Roman empire and also  by the Roman catholic Bishops. The emperors of Japan are also associated with this colour.


The purple I love best is my Mom’s Saree. I felt like a princess in my Mom’s purple saree recently and that is my fondest memory of purple.

There are a lot of purples today – Purple Haze, Purple Data, Purple Stitch, Purple room, etc.

26th  March was annual National Epilepsy Awareness Day – which is observed as Purple Day. People are encouraged to wear the colour purple to increase awareness of epilepsy. According to the World Health Organisation (Who), nearly 50 million people live with epilepsy globally and the need to spread awareness about it is growing rapidly.

What I would have liked is a Purple M&M.

In 1995, the M&M company held an open vote for all of its consumers to choose what color would replace tan.( I havent had a bag of M&M’s with Tan in them. Not sure if I would like a candy that colour). The colours they could choose between were Pink, blue, and purple. Pop open a bag of M&M’s today, and the results are apparent. Since the color vote in 1995, they’ve had the same colors we know and love, which means no purple.

For a bag of purple M&M’s: https://nuts.com/chocolatessweets/m-m/purple.html?utm_source=shareasale&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_content=787966&utm_campaign=314743

Screenshot 2017-03-27 22.29.47.png



via Daily Prompt: Purple


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