Elixir is a substance, usually a liquid, with a magical power to cure, improve, or preserve something.

Some call coffee elixir.  Some call sugar elixir. Some call honey elixir. Some others call tea elixir, I am one of them too sometimes. Anything can happen over Tea. There is nothing that a good cup of tea and the company of your best friend cannot solve. Coffee, Sugar, Honey, Tea – all these in one way or the other lifts your mood and spirit and you feel dependent of them for feeling good.

I have sometimes felt that my work is my elixir. The reason for me to keep going and one step each day towards where I want to get. I enjoy what I do. It’s hard to sleep many nights as the voices and thoughts in my head are too loud and excited with what needs to be created next morning. Each day brings with itself a new meaning to what I do, I learn, I relearn, I laugh and cry and love creating. I love making things and my best friend calls me an artist.

I have made many things and enjoy making clothes and jewellery. The sense of satisfaction and contentment that I get when I get complimented for my creations is compensation enough for the hours of work the goes into creating it. I strongly believe in the quote by Robin S. Sharma – “Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality”. 

I interpret Elixir as the essence with the magical power that leads you toward what you want to achieve.

via Daily Prompt: Elixir



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