Fortune is defined as an arbitrary force affecting human affairs usually associated with a large amount of money or assets.

Armoured with the will to explore and the itch do something adventurous we packed our bags and immigrated to New Zealand in the year 2002. It feels light years away now. The promise to ourselves when we left on our first adventure in life together was to make a fortune.

We landed in Auckland, a new and inviting city, a city with many immigrants, no one we knew. Not a familiar name or face in sight. We lived in downtown while I went to fashion school. I walked every lane and by-lanes in the city of sails. I discovered short cuts across Albert Park so I could cheat the clock and sleep-in an extra 5 minutes each morning before going to school.

We moved to the suburbs at the end of the year when I finished school and secured my first job in a Design house. Walking thru’ the suburbs, discovering “Indian shops”, I made a few friends on the bus going to work. Bought our first car, felt on top of the world when I got a driving license.

We saw a quaint little house across the school boundary, fell in love with it and saved every dollar to pay the deposit. Our house soon became our home. We welcomed neighbours into our house and hearts and today we are very fortunate to have them as our best friends.

Changing jobs, making new friends, coming back home for short holidays, accumulating house hold “stuff”, parents visiting, going on road trips with friends. We did mostly what every other immigrant did.

4 jobs over 13+ years,  a health and wellbeing business, 3 cars, an overseas holiday every year, a huge wardrobe, a collection of shoes, awesome experiences, infinite memories, friends who are family now.

With our Auckland family we have shared many highs and lows, laughter and tears, little bit of my cooking(I learnt to cook as it was a skill needed for survival), lots of lunches and dinners with irreplaceable friends, countless memories, celebrations and milestones in life……..

Wanting to be closer to our parents,  we packed our bags and relocated to Bangalore in the year 2015. It feels like forever now. The promise to ourselves when we left Auckland on our next adventure in life together was to make another fortune.

Friends for life, memories, experiences, struggles, small wins, celebrations. This is the fortune we have built together.We intend to build on these and expand our fortune in our home town with our parents and family now.

I define Fortune here as an arbitrary force of life, the effects of which are causes for Contentment and Happiness.



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