Denial is a statement saying that something is not true or real.

This young lady was being rushed to the ER and was stuck in the morning rush hour traffic. She had collapsed at work. She was 18 weeks pregnant.

By that afternoon she had recovered and was lying still on the bed in a ward and was hooked up to IV’s to reduce her pain and stop the blood flow. She was on that hospital bed for 5 days, not moving, fearing she would hurt the baby she was carrying, fearing that would do something wrong.

All along, her husband held her hand and was by her bed side, they were sharing strength and hope between themselves. They lived in denial, refusing to accept or even think of the fact that they may walk out of the hospital with no baby to take home. The tests and reports showed all facts and the baby’s heart beat was strong. He seemed a fighter and everyone was hoping and praying for a miracle.

This young lady’s heart broke, when she delivered a still-born baby on day 5. She held him in her arms and cried a farewell, for the boy she would never see grow up. She will never forget the peaceful smile he had on his face.

Instead of being truthful to herself and accepting the facts and being prepared for what was to come, she lived those 5 days in denial, lying to herself that everything will be fine, deceiving herself with false hopes and dreams.

Denial is the worst kind of lie, because it is the lie that you tell yourself.









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