Tech Pack

A Tech Pack Cover consists of

• Tech sketches
• A graded spec
• Colourways
• Artwork specs (if relevant)
• A spot for proto / Fit / sales sample comments


Tech sketches

Screenshot 2017-03-10 11.15.08.pngA Tech sketch is a Flat sketch with text callouts to specify various design details.

A Tech sketch is not be an artistic representation of the design but a at 2D drawing to show accurate details.



A BOM (Bill Of Materials) 

The BOM is a master list of every physical item required to create the finished product. This will include

• Fabric (consumption, color, content, construction, weight, etc)
• Trims / Findings (quantity, color, etc)
• Hang tags / Labels (quantity, material, color, etc)

• Packaging (poly bags, hangers, tissue paper, etc)

A graded spec

The graded spec is a chart of all the points of measure POMs for the product in all sizes.

GRADING – This is the difference in measurements as sizes go up or down.If body length of a size M shirt is 27” and a size L is 28”, the body length grades 1” between these two sizes. The grading follows a grade rule for each point of measurement. This rule is based on a base size.

Grading is not a perfect science as certain measurements grade up or down, depending on the point of measurement. Just because a person gets a lot smaller (or bigger), doesn’t mean they become shorter (or taller) in the same proportion.



This is the specific colour of the product.

If the same product in ochre and black, then you have 2 colour ways. Ochre is the 1st colour way and Black is the 2nd colour way. A lot of people use a piece of material (fabric, yarn, or even paint chips) as a color standard match or reference a pantone colour to maintain standard.


Artwork specs

This specifies all details of any artwork  (if relevant) that is applicable to the product. This will include a drawing or a photo or a print set up as applicable to the product.

It also specifies the size dimensions and the position  of the art work on the product and specifies the colour ways required.

A spot for proto / Fit / sales sample comments

The tech pack is also used to track approvals, comments and all changes made to the product throughout the development cycle. It acts as a master document that both the factory and the design / development team will reference.


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