Pleased is synonymous with being proud of one’s achievements, especially self-satisfied.

I am having a very pleasant evening, sitting with my best friend, enjoying the very beautiful skyline of Auckland city across the harbour. Its summer and sunset is at dinner time. The changing shades of ochre and grey paint a mesmerizing picture on the skyline’s canvas. Can’t ask for a better evening and I’m thanking life for that.

I hear in a distance the sound that is very familiar. I strain all my senses and finally recognise it as my alarm, ringing in the office room. It is a reminder of the day that’s about to start at 05.55. Jumping out of bed, I stop the alarm to start my day. I see a “crazy hair day” photo of my nephew on my phone which my sister has shared with me overnight. Thankyou my little sunshine for the light you bring into my life.

I leave home at 6.10, to join my friend for a morning walk. Today my friend is running late and I’m glad I have reached before her. I like it when I reach early. It gives me time to think and plan the road we take today.

We  have a very good walk and ann even better talk as we end up walking past the nursery today. No words exchanged, we could read each other’s mind as we both entered the nursery together and ended up buying a flaming bright pink bougainvilla plant for my Mom. Its her birthday tomorrow and I think it’s a perfect gift for her, she was talking about bougainvillas and wanted one this summer to brighten up her backyard.

A short 2 km brisk walk, a very good talk with my punching bag (she doesn’t punch back) and shopping at the nursery for mom. Its 8.30 am and I feel satisfied with my day so far. Is this being pleased with what life has to offer today ?



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