No Matter How Small You Start, Start Something That Matters – Brendon Burchard

We’ve all heard that saying that the world needs men (and women) that do what makes them come alive. And it’s true. When we do something we love, something that makes us feel alive, our happiness radiates into the world – and what does the world need more than happiness and love?

Ask yourself what matters to you in your life. Think about it and then go do that – even if it means starting off with the smallest of steps, and even if it only affects your own life at the moment. Because when you do something that matters to you, it will improve your life – and if your life is improved, you are sure to spread that joy and passion you feel to someone else, in one way or another. And so it becomes a snowball effect, a way of paying it forward.

So be selfish, and start something that really matters to you. Start something and start it small, and then let the ripples of joy in the water spread across the world. That way, what once mattered only to you will grow and suddenly matter to so many more.

I read this post by Johanna Rosberg.

I read this on a day when the first of my samples is ready and that is the first step I have taken to do what I have dreamt of and cherished and planned in my mind’s eye for over 15 years now. To be an entrepreneur has been as difficult for me as it is to get the spelling right without spell check. I have been very apprehensive all along. Now after many years of family pressure and encouragement from my friends, I have taken my first step towards being an entrepreneur and the words of Johanna could not have been more timely than it has been today.




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