Wonder what the bird is thinking ?

Expose – this is to remove what is covering something so that it can be seen.

I love to start my day with a walk around the lake in Lalbagh. It’s a couple of minutes drive from my parents’ house and a good 20 minutes from our apartment. I try to do this every other day.

During my walk this morning, I stopped in my tracks, just before reaching the bridge and realised that at that instant I didn’t recall how I had reached that point or even what I had seen on my way.

I felt lost in the most familiar of surroundings, the path that I take every other morning. I had reached that spot on auto pilot. My brain knows to take that same path and that’s how I had reached where I has stopped to ponder.

Being immersed and spinning around in a circular bubble of my  thoughts I was missing out on what was going on around you. I recalled reading a blog that spoke about being present physically but wasn’t present.  Existing but not living. That’s exactly what I felt like at that moment – existing but not living.

I had to then bring myself to come to the present. Life is not all about just what is going on within me but also about everything that is going on around me.

The smell of the mud from the rain last night. The million shades of green around. The lotus in the pond. The warmth of the rising sun. The chirping of the birds. Children enjoying running and chasing each other. A group of people training for the up-coming marathon in the city. People who were taking a break and chit chatting on the benches. Others who were clicking photographs. A guy who looks like a personal trainer who is instructing this girl. Is he pushing her to reach beyond what she thinks she is capable of doing ?

These are things that I exposed my self to see and feel by forcing my brain and stop thinking and come to the present. I turned a 360 degrees at that spot where I had stopped to ponder.

Note to self : Expose yourself to the wonders of nature and be in the present to enjoy life around you. The best way to start your days.




If this is final, what does that mean? The final what?

Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

When I saw “final” as the word of the day, I got a chill. In the past two weeks, I have lost at least three friends with more on the way. Not to mention that my email is full of warnings of: “This is the final hour! Send $3 now!”

I fondly hope this isn’t the final hour for all of us, but it has recently been the final hour for more than a few friends and loved ones.  I don’t know how many more are on the special waiting line. I’m hoping that Death is like the guy in Terry Pratchett’s books. Pragmatic, friendly and most of the time, there to give you a hand to find your right place.

It is a strange feeling watching your group of friends grow smaller day by day. My mother told me a long time ago that “You know you are old…

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Reflections – The way of life

This photo was clicked on an iPhone 6 camera with no filters and has not been edited.

It was clicked during an early morning walk beside a lake, blanketed in sunrise and soaking up all the positive energy from the sun. The sun has the power to heal and the burn. The sun casts its spell on everything and there is no hiding.

I see the shadows here telling a story – the story of a young girl and boy, enjoying each other’s company and running along the side of a lake. They had to stop in their tracks as the stray dog decided to cross their path. They stopped to enjoy the sunrise and decided to take a pic.

The interpretation of these shadows are infinite. How would you interpret this play of shadows?


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Temporary means lasting for only a limited period of time; not permanent.

Is everything in life temporary?

Yes. And no.

Everything in life is temporary. Nothing lasts for ever, not even life.

If something is temporary, it can only be determined when it changes. A marriage can last forever (i.e. till death) but does not have to. Only when it ends, we realize that it was temporary.

People change daily, which is a good thing. Would you want to be in a situation where you always say and do the same thing, and always got the same response? Life is all about adapting and changing and moving on.
On the other hand, we can create things that last many generations. Music, literature, photography, paintings, architecture and other art. Some of these are still being admired after hundreds of years.
People change. And their thoughts and behaviors change too even if they don’t realize it. Because everyone views life in their perspective and this is ever-changing.  Enjoy all the experiences, good and bad, happy and sad as it is all these changes that  makes your life special in its own way.
And of course once again it is all temporary.

21 Fashion Terms You Should Know that Fashion People Love

To an outsider, fashion words and the industry can quickly become a very strange place. Fashion people have cultivated a bizarre, almost cult-like club. It’s guarded by a cryptic vocabulary of fashion terms, customs and normalcies. You’ve likely come across a few in our fashion week  reviews. Similarly, look at this excerpt from a Gucci collection Review on WWD, “Yet these clothes were not about newness or exaggeration of silhouette, or other such elements that can be telegraphed at a distance.” Fashion terminology certainly isn’t casual conversation for the majority of people. Most readers simply skim over these confusing appearances from the fashion lexicon. Casually picking them out like the unwanted seeds of fruit.

Even more confusing is understanding the context in which some fashion terms appear. For example, in journalism, an editorial is defined as an opinion article, whereas, in fashion it can also describe a photographic style. Understanding the language of fashion provides new insight to dialogue you’ve heard countless times. Fashion terms and phrases like “SS” and “AW” that once looked like scientific formulas soon become colloquial chatter. Similarly you realize that a Resort isn’t a fancy hotel and that a glossy is simply another name for a print magazine.

Let’s end a bit more of the confusion as we define 21 fashion terms that fashion people love to use. You can also take our Style IQ quiz to see how you’ve learned. Already know your fashion terminology,  you can take the quiz now. Fashion Words Quiz!

1. Shoot

Fashion Terms - Photo Shoot - The Dapifer
Short for photo shoot. Typically refers to fashion photography as seen in sources like fashion magazines and advertisement campaigns and videos.

2. Contemporary

A category of apparel that has an accessible price point and a more commercial appeal compared to typical high-end fashion collections. While contemporary fashion is modern, the two terms are not directly synonymous.

3. Resort

Resort is a fashion collection category that represents year-round, season-less fashion. Unlike Spring and Fall collections which transition to meet climate conditions, Resort is unchanging. It is also known as “cruise wear”, reinforcing a notion of leisure, luxury, and travel.

4. Collection

An assortment of clothing, footwear, and accessories that a brand presents for a fashion season or unique event. Fashion collections reflect current industry trends as well as the creative vision of the designer and team.

5. SS & FW or AW

One of two main collection seasons, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Each collection targets its corresponding season and climate. The terms are often shortened to SS and FW respectively. Outside of the United States, Fall is more commonly called Autumn. When referring to a specific year and collection, it is written as the Season followed by the Year. For example, Spring Summer 2017 or SS17.

6. Haute Couture

Fashion Words - Couture - The Dapifer
Coming from french origin, Haute couture is an elite, extremely expensive type of fashion apparel under regulation by law in France. In order for clothing to be called couture or haute couture it must be designed by a fashion house with a couture certification. The Fédération Française de la Couture is the law making body which approves and denies members of this exclusive form of fashion.

7. Silhouette

A favorite term of fashion writers and designers describing the basic outline of a garment. Silhouettes may be defined using adjectives like loose, slouchy and body-conscious. However, it’s not simply referring to the natural shape of a garment. Instead, it critiques how the piece fits on the body.

8. Look Book

A digital or print photo book displaying a collection of images from a particular brand’s fashion collection. Typically, each fashion house creates a new look book for each collection season. Look books can also include several different fashion brands. This is very common in retail where fashion retailer group items from multiple designers into one cohesive collection.

9. Editorial

Fashion Words - Editorial - The Dapifer
Refers to a conceptual style of photography focusing on storytelling through fashion. While editorial is often a blanket term for many genres of fashionable photography, it can also be split distinctly into editorial fashion and editorial beauty.

10. Mood

The theme of an editorial, collection or other fashion focused medium. It also conveys the purpose and inspiration behind a body of work. Fashion editors also use the terminology to describe exactly how viewing the work makes them feel. In the planning and pre-production process, creative teams gather these thought by creating a pinterest type collage of ideas, referred to as a moodboard.

11. Sartorial

Fashion Terms - Sartorial - The Dapifer
References the tailoring of clothing and their unique fit and silhouette. It also refers to all clothes in general. Similar to how the term fashion can appear as either a noun or verb.

12. Capsule

Short for capsule wardrobe. Popularized in the 1980s by Donna Karan’s “Seven Easy Pieces” collections, the concept of a capsule wardrobe is to create a small mini-collection of timeless style essentials to wear year-round. It is a means to declutter closets and simplify fashion. When talking about a brand’s capsule, it becomes a “capsule collection”.

13. Fashion “line”

A fashion line is a clothing category found within a brand’s larger collection. However, lines may not follow a consistent schedule. Examples of a fashion line are the activewear and evening wear groupings found in the Versace collection. A collection can exist independently, however, a fashion line is always found within a fashion collection.

14. Line Sheet

In fashion, a line sheet is an important business document detailing the pieces available to purchase from a fashion collection. Focusing on wholesale to buyers, a line sheet includes details such as garment sizes, size range, SKU number, and color swatch.

15. Pull

Fashion Terms - Pull - The Dapifer
The process of borrowing clothes from a brand for the purposes of reviewing and providing media publicity such as photography. Essentially, it’s like renting clothing, but there is no fee. Brands usually work with PR agencies to determine which magazines, stylists and celebrities can pull clothing.

16. Glossy

Another word for fashion magazine. Often used in fashion writing to note the publication being profiled. The term comes from the hi-gloss effect on pages in popular fashion magazines.

17. High fashion

An expensive type of fashion clothing and design. Involves the use of luxury fabrics and techniques. Some brands are known solely as high fashion brands. For instance, Chanel, Gucci, and Prada are all high fashion brands.

18. Streetwear

Ironically, it’s not what most people wear on the street. Streetwear is a stylish form of fashion apparel originating in California. Taking inspiration from by surf/skate culture, hip hop music, and an urban lifestyle, it reflects youth culture.

19. Pret-a-porter

Fashion Terms - Pret a Porter - The Dapifer
Translates from French to mean “off the rack” or “off the peg”. It most commonly appears in its English form of Ready to Wear. The fashion term refers to mass-market apparel made in bulk and sold in finished condition. Ready to wear differs from other forms of distribution such as couture, which is made-to-order.

20. Diffusion lines

Not to be mistaken for a capsule collection, a diffusion line is a secondary fashion line created by an established high fashion brand. The purpose of this collection is to provide shoppers merchandise at more accessible price points. While still carrying the brand’s name, diffusion lines are separate from it parent. Examples of diffussion lines include Marc by Marc Jacobs and Michael Michael Kors.

21. See Now Buy Now

A newer concept allowing shoppers to purchase pieces from fashion collections immediately after their runway launch. Traditionally, fashion collection debut an entire Season before shoppers can purchase them. For example, Spring collections release during Fall and Winter collections in February just as Spring approaches.

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