Control is the power to influence or direct people’s behaviour and the course of events.

“Chips thru’ your lips will show forever on your hips”

I can hear my sister’s voice in my head every time a see a bag of chips. Chips and I used to be best friends, now its like – I love you as a friend but you need to give me my space.

In the past 19 months, I have gained 10 kgs and 4 inches around my waistline. That is unbelievable right? Yes, I thought so too and haven’t seen the face of my weighing scale since it told me the truth. Yes, the harsh truth. May be I should make peace with the scales and renew my friendship with them. It (Scales) is my friend after all who speaks the truth in private at my face and never speaks behind my back.

I hate to reveal the implications of not just chips but anything that is spicy, tasty, salty and sugary. My favourite jeans and dresses have reached the bottom shelf of my closet, away from sight. Not that ‘out of sight is out of mind”. They still occupy the prime real estate spot in my mind.

Life comes with all its hidden twists and turns I haven’t been able to handle it well lately. Food has become a comforter along the drive. I end up eating when I am tired, when I’m hungry,  when I’m angry and also when I’m stressed. I can’t resist my mom’s cooking and I love eating out.

A voice in my brain tells me all the time – It’s becomes very difficult to fight the consequences after the deed is done. It is a better and safer option to embrace the size you have grown into and shop for a new wardrobe.

Another, very feeble voice from somewhere deep within says – take control of your life. You have the power to influence what passes thru’ your lips. You can directly influence your behaviour, the consequences of which you will be proud to flaunt.

I must to hang up the beautiful dress and hip hugging jeans on the door of my wardrobe. I must be mindful of the amount of food that passes thru’ my lips, no matter how delicious, how appetising and how comforting they look and feel.

To believe that not too far in the near future that I can and that I will get into my favourite dress and my hip hugging jeans will be to take control of my actions. This control and consequences of this control over my food intake will not just be a wardrobe changer but will be a life changer too.





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