Temporary means lasting for only a limited period of time; not permanent.

Is everything in life temporary?

Yes. And no.

Everything in life is temporary. Nothing lasts for ever, not even life.

If something is temporary, it can only be determined when it changes. A marriage can last forever (i.e. till death) but does not have to. Only when it ends, we realize that it was temporary.

People change daily, which is a good thing. Would you want to be in a situation where you always say and do the same thing, and always got the same response? Life is all about adapting and changing and moving on.
On the other hand, we can create things that last many generations. Music, literature, photography, paintings, architecture and other art. Some of these are still being admired after hundreds of years.
People change. And their thoughts and behaviors change too even if they don’t realize it. Because everyone views life in their perspective and this is ever-changing.  Enjoy all the experiences, good and bad, happy and sad as it is all these changes that  makes your life special in its own way.
And of course once again it is all temporary.

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