Reflections – The way of life

This photo was clicked on an iPhone 6 camera with no filters and has not been edited.

It was clicked during an early morning walk beside a lake, blanketed in sunrise and soaking up all the positive energy from the sun. The sun has the power to heal and the burn. The sun casts its spell on everything and there is no hiding.

I see the shadows here telling a story – the story of a young girl and boy, enjoying each other’s company and running along the side of a lake. They had to stop in their tracks as the stray dog decided to cross their path. They stopped to enjoy the sunrise and decided to take a pic.

The interpretation of these shadows are infinite. How would you interpret this play of shadows?


I share this post with The Daily Post´s weekly Photography Challenge:Reflecting and Weekend Reflections


4 thoughts on “Reflections – The way of life

  1. That stray dog looks lost. Maybe it wanted some company and was happy to see the two of you 🙂 It is always nice to start the day with a walk, and it looked like it was a lovely morning with lots of sunshine for your walk 🙂


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