Wonder what the bird is thinking ?

Expose – this is to remove what is covering something so that it can be seen.

I love to start my day with a walk around the lake in Lalbagh. It’s a couple of minutes drive from my parents’ house and a good 20 minutes from our apartment. I try to do this every other day.

During my walk this morning, I stopped in my tracks, just before reaching the bridge and realised that at that instant I didn’t recall how I had reached that point or even what I had seen on my way.

I felt lost in the most familiar of surroundings, the path that I take every other morning. I had reached that spot on auto pilot. My brain knows to take that same path and that’s how I had reached where I has stopped to ponder.

Being immersed and spinning around in a circular bubble of my  thoughts I was missing out on what was going on around you. I recalled reading a blog that spoke about being present physically but wasn’t present.  Existing but not living. That’s exactly what I felt like at that moment – existing but not living.

I had to then bring myself to come to the present. Life is not all about just what is going on within me but also about everything that is going on around me.

The smell of the mud from the rain last night. The million shades of green around. The lotus in the pond. The warmth of the rising sun. The chirping of the birds. Children enjoying running and chasing each other. A group of people training for the up-coming marathon in the city. People who were taking a break and chit chatting on the benches. Others who were clicking photographs. A guy who looks like a personal trainer who is instructing this girl. Is he pushing her to reach beyond what she thinks she is capable of doing ?

These are things that I exposed my self to see and feel by forcing my brain and stop thinking and come to the present. I turned a 360 degrees at that spot where I had stopped to ponder.

Note to self : Expose yourself to the wonders of nature and be in the present to enjoy life around you. The best way to start your days.



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