Crisp is being firm, dry, and brittle.

Crisps is what the British call potato chips.

Crisp is a piece of toast that has crossed the fence of being well done and is beginning to get burnt.

Crisp is the sound and taste when you bite into a juicy apple.

Crisp is the cotton saree that has been freshly stratched and ironed.

Crisp is the dosa that is paper-thin.

Crisp are the fries that are well done and deep-fried in lots of oil.

Crisp needs to be bhelpuri, eat it fresh before it gets soggy.

Crisp are the words of my trainer when he pushes me to do crunches – no icing, no mixing of words, firm, dry and clear without any sympathy. How much do I love it and hate it at the same time ?





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