A partner is  one of two people who dance together or play together  esp. as a team.

Partner can be the person to whom you are married to. Partner can also be the person you are not married to but with whom you have a close relationship and feel very comfortable with.

Partnership is a relationship where you have each other as your punching bag and where you are each others’ mirrors.

Partner on some level becomes a part of what you do. Part of having fun to part of committing a crime. A partner is always reliable and will help you problem-solve. The things that you can do together varies from setting up a business together, to a road trip, to brainstorming an idea, to plant shopping, to going on a 5k walk, to getting wet in the rain or fixing the lamps at home together.

“Partner,” is more often used as short for Life Partner and is synonymous with soul mates. They are people who are most comfortable with each other. They are also comfortable in each others’ spaces and around each others’ friends and family.

Partners are a part of a unit. In a romantic partnership, It doesn’t matter who said, “I love you” first. Hearing these words out loud makes all the difference. This makes those special moments even more memorable, giving you thousands of butterflies and creating  a memory.  Like the mnemonic to remember the difference goes; A part of me can’t bear to be apart from you.

Partners include each other in their future plans and plan to grow old together.


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