A sore​ throat and its side effects

The 10 Things that I have learnt from having a very low voice for over a week to no voice at all for the past 3 days.

1 – the pain in the throat is unbearable which causes a headache. A continuous cough causes a chest pain. A cough is better than no voice.

2 – the camera that is used to check the insides is not as small as its described and technology can do much better.

3 – the constant ringing of the landline, somehow the phone rings more when you can’t answer it. I am still teaching myself to live with the phone ringing. Even if I picked it up, the person calling cannot hear my voice. I can only cut the call and send a text msg if it is my cell phone but not the landline.

4 – my cell phone still rings, yes even after 3 days of no voice !!! even when I have texted people and told them that I cannot talk. Would I call anyone 3 times a day when I know they can’t talk due to voice loss?

5 – people treat me differently. when I try to talk in the self-taught sign language they also reply back in sign. Maybe I should wear a signboard that says – “I’m dumb, not deaf” 

6 – Maybe it’s is God’s way of telling me to listen more and talk less. But, the voices in my head are just as loud and clear as ever, ever louder sometimes 

7 –  I am tired of not talking. I never thought that I would feel that way. Vijay and mummy will both know how much and how long I can talk on the phone.

8 –  I react differently to situations when I can’t respond verbally, I mean instantly. By the time I type and formulate my text msg that instant response to a trigger statement is lost.

9 – The tried and tested way to have a conversation with me will be for the person to send me a voice msg and I type back, that’s what worked well so far

10 – Everyone who sees me as no one can hear me asks me if I have seen a doctor. like I would wish this upon myself and love to live with it. Everyone has a home-remedy that is different and I have tried at least 5 in the last 2 weeks.

Bonus  – anyone willing to challenge my mom at a game of dumb charades ? 

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