Eight steps, to deal the situation, “when nothing goes right”.

Today was one of those days when “nothing goes right”
  1. woke up with no voice
  2. water was too cold for a bath
  3. got a jab in my throat at the hospital – lucky my voice came back
  4. my car got towed away from in front of the hospital
  5. had to wait for an hour at the police station
  6. cost me a bomb to get my car back
  7. I was running late for a meeting
  8. another meeting got canceled
  9. production running way behind schedule
I happened to read the below in the wellness category on the Mentoring Women in
Business Programme’s peer-to-peer learning and networking forum. Somethings are just meant to happen like this is exactly what I needed at 10 pm before ending my day.
Reenu Sahore who is a life coach writes:
Sometimes, it just feels like nothing in your world is going right.
However, whether you’re suffering from ill health, encountering setbacks in
your career or nursing a broken heart, it’s possible to connect with
gratitude and transform your attitude.After all, happiness is not found in the absence of problems but in the ability
to deal with problems. Here are 8 things to remember the next time you
feel like everything has gone wrong.

1. Pain Helps You Grow

Although pain is challenging, it never comes into your life without a
purpose. So often, it’s a sign that you need to move forward in some way
—even though it can be very challenging to leave outdated parts of your
life behind. In addition, remind yourself that pain isn’t a sign of failure.

On the contrary, most great success stories involve bearing pain along the
way. Pain can hurt you and it can change you, but you can find personal
growth in both types if you stop resisting them and instead ask what they
have to teach you. Everything will come together in the end.

2. Nothing Is Permanent

Just as the rain always stops and darkness follows the light, healing always
follows hurt. Don’t make the mistake of imagining that your pain will last
forever—nothing does, whether it’s good or it’s bad. Every passing moment
is a new chance to make the best of your life and to enact huge changes.

Accepting the impermanence of everything helps you to let go of your own
intentions in a way that helps the universe give you what you really need.
Plus, just because you’re struggling with a challenge doesn’t mean you
can’t find ways to laugh and smile.

3. You Can’t Change Anything By Worrying

It’s easy to obsess over painful events in your life, but you can only find
happiness when you turn away from complaining about your problems and move
towards being grateful for all the problems you don’t have.

There’s compelling evidence to suggest that the people who spend the most
time worrying actually accomplish the least. Instead of doing nothing and
fretting about things out of your control, ask what you can control and
attempt to do something great with the resources you have.

4. Be Proud Of Your Scars

Your scars can be sources of pride—they’re symbols of your inner strength.
When you’re scarred, you know that a wound has closed. In other words, you
suffered pain, learning something from it, were resilient enough to
recover, and began to move forward.

Don’t let your scars evoke fear, or feel paralyzed that you might gain more
scars in the future.  Those who have endured pain are among the strongest
people there are, and your scars prove you can handle anything life throws
at you.

5. Struggles Are Steps Forward

Developing patience means being able to maintain a positive attitude as you
continually work hard to achieve your dreams. To accomplish great things,
you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone—and when you step out of your
comfort zone, you naturally encounter challenges that can sometimes feel
like failures.

These tests of your determination can be helpfully viewed as steps on the
road to success, however, and not signs that you’ll never make it to your
desired destination.

6. You’re Not Responsible For The Negativity Of Others

Combat negativity with positivity—hold onto your idea of who you want to
be, and refuse to be changed by those who are bitter, jealous or trying to
use you to work through their own complex issues.

If you’re going to change, do so because you want to be better in some way,
and are looking to cultivate a better future. There’s no way to make
everyone else happy, so don’t waste your time trying. You only get one
chance to live, so spend that time with people who understand
reciprocity—people who treat you right, make you smile and build you up.

7. What’s Meant To Be Will Find A Way

Trust in the universe to bring you the right things. No amount of trying to
force a certain outcome will make it happen, and doing so will only make
you miserable and drive you crazy.

Stop doubting every step you take, and instead allow yourself to enjoy the
way your life will unfold. It may not always develop in the way you thought
it would, but it will take you to where you need to go.

8. Keep Going At All Costs

Finally, when you catch yourself thinking that everything has gone wrong,
don’t be afraid to get right back up and try again. Whether trying again
involves daring to dream, trying to find love or starting a whole new
career, don’t let your past pain harden your heart.

Although you may have to scramble to get out of your current rut, it can be
done—and you will do it! Just know that very often, you have to go through
the worst life has to offer in order to eventually arrive at the very best.
Be well & Be Happy

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