Finishing races are​ important, but racing is more important – said Dale Earnhardt. 

Last week, my best friend shared some photos with me. I all over again fell in love with him. He had shared photos of himself being drenched in sweat and covered in slush and dirt.

He was sharing his experience of participating in the Devils Circuit. It is an elite international standard obstacle running series Comprising of 15 obstacles spread across a 5-kilometer track. This form of running tests participants on both physical and mental levels.

It is age, gender, and fitness agnostic. This is a run where everyone, irrespective of their fitness and stamina levels, finds something to take away. The competitive category offers a timed test of brute physical fitness whereas through participation in the non-competitive category you get to enjoy the obstacles at your own pace and push yourself beyond what you thought you are capable of.

There were 15  obstacles and some of them were

brain freeze

wall of freight

Tunnel of fright

Floating donuts

torture trenches

The names of these obstacles gave me shivers of excitement. I was experiencing a mix of emotions when he was telling me about this. I call it a mix of emotions because I wanted to hear all about it and at the same time I didn’t want to know anything about what I had missed. I was angry, upset and annoyed that he hadn’t taken me along to experience it but I was left to imagine and experience it thru’ his words of excitement.

He is someone who has always been active physically, his new found love is running. In January, he was at his first half marathon in Mumbai. He is someone who strongly believes in fitness and never misses a chance to get out in the open for a run.

How many of you have a picture of him in your minds now? Is he in his 20’s?  

In his 30’s? In his 40’s? Yes, he is in his 40’s and he is a dad to 2 teenage girls.

He was part of a group at the Devil’s circuit and he was the only one to finish all the 15 obstacles. When I asked him how he managed it at his age, when boys half his age struggled, he said, he conquered one obstacle at a time and enjoyed the experience. His aim was to conquer all of them which he did and not to beat any stop watch.

Life lesson – come, see, conquer – one obstacle at a time.

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