A girl with an Ordinary Childhood.

Ordinary is being without any special or distinctive features, just being normal.

I am the first born to her parents who are part of an extended family. Our family lives in a bungalow in old south Bangalore. A house in which my dad, uncle and all aunts were born and brought up. A house which has a well in the back yard and is surrounded by trees all around.

I was the tallest amongst all the cousins, That didn’t last long. I now have an ordinary height and is the shortest today. I loved to climb the fruit trees and pick the fruits that I could get my hands to reach and fill my pockets with them. Crawling back down, I would share those fruits with the  ones who would look up to me as I had just done what they could not get up to.That didn’t last long either. I tried climbing the same wall 3 decades later last week and that was not a good experience but will remain a pleasant and fond memory.

My dad taught me to climb ladders and reach the terrace. One late afternoon, Isomehow managed to get her neck stuck at the fork of 2 branches and mom no matter how hard she tried, couldn’t get up the Gauva tree to free my neck and bring me down. I positioned myself to comfort and waited patiently till dad came home in the evening and got me down. This was just one of many afternoons which I have spent either on the terrace collecting baby coconuts or on one of the many fruit trees that surround our house.

Another summer afternoon, we (my sister and I) hired a bicycle and tried to teach ourselves how to cycle. Falling off it caused my world to crash. I smile everytime, I see the scar on my leg now, remembering that ordinary afternoon.

During one other summer break, my aunt who was spending the summer with us, drew water out from the well in our backyard and poured it over all of our heads. She must have done it to entertain or amuse the little children or to cool us down in that heat. Whatever was her intention that day, I will never know. What I cannot forget is the cold water running down my back and the shivers of excitement it sent up my brain. I smile to myself every time I rush into the shower before the hot water can reach and when I get a drizzle of cold water on my back.

These are bits and pieces of the ordinary childhood moments that makes my  childhood extra ordinary in many ways.

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