Day2 @slowfashionchallenge – Greencloset

I see a green coset as one that is kind to the planet and the environment. For me that is a dream and my personal wardrobe   is a work-in-progress.

I told myself something at the beginning of this year like most years of my life. This year, it was that – I will not buy any piece of clothing. I see that as “green challenge”.  

Its the beginning of May and I’m proud that this is something that I have been able to achieve so far. A bit of credit goes to the lockdown as well. 

The photo shows one of the pants that I got to keep from the linen-cotton range. I allow myself the photo samples if they are in my size and one day hopefully my personal wardrobe will be filled with just the sustainable and conscious pieces of clothing that I would like to fill my customers’ wardrobes with.

One of the goals for @soulbysowmya this year is to become more sustainable than what we were last year. That’s a big shoe to step into and with the courage, belief and the itch to achieve it, we are working towards that.

Click on the link check out the collection in the photo











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