Second hand clothing.

Second hand clothing. I see hand me downs and passed-on-ones as second hand clothing too. This is a significant contributor towards slow fashion, green closet and concious fashion.

A significant part of my wardrobe is made up of these. 
Well, I am an Indian and when you talk to any India, you will find that their wardrobes will be divided in sections. My one is broadly divided into
1 – Work wear – This consists of bot both Indian and western Silhouttes, depending on which part of the world I am staying and working in.
2 – Indian wear – This is only the Indian silhouettes and all the sarees.

For me, sarees has always held an allure.
Some of them in my wardrobe are vintage and ancient, for me they are heirlooms. I would like to share about them today.

1 – This is a saree that belonged to maternal grandmother.
My mom has told me that it was one of her mother’s wedding sarees. It has been preserved and passed on. It is a gorgeous black silk saree with gold border. It is nothing like the ones that are available in the market today. It’s subtlty adds to its beauty. I am biased about black and I will not bat an eyelid to use this just as I would an LBD.
It originally used to be a grey saree with red border which at some point, my grandma has got it dyed to black. It has been worn and enjoyed by a few and envied by many over the past 90+ years since its been in the family. 

2 – This is one that belonged to my paternal grandmother. I am not able to find out the actual age of this saree. This is one of the softest silks that I have ever held. It is a very pleasant shade of green and never fails to bring a smile to my face even when I just see it. 
For me these sarees cover and engulf me with warmth whenever I pull it out and drape it. 
My go-to place to find something appropriate and suitable for any occasion is my mom’s saree wardrobe. 
Inhereting sarees, enjoying the warmth that they bring along, I believe one can become an important cog in this system of slow fashion and concious fashion as after all, fashion is all about You!!

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