Conscious Fashion

We are learning, unlearning and relearning everyday. 
Some goals are met some yet to be met. 
Some rules followed and some rewritten.
Some plans are working and some need tweaking.

What we are focussing and working towards currently are
1. To become zero waste as a sustainability goal
2. To support local businesses
3. To focus on body positivity

To become zero waste as a sustainability goal

We had saved all the bits and pieces from under our cutting tables reaching the landfill. We have put them to good use and taken one more step from minimal-waste towards zero-waste.

We are not there yet and are taking one step forward each day towards our goal. We have chosen to use the bits from under the cutting table to make reversible double layer masks.

To support local businesses

These are being made by a lady who we decide to support post the COVID-19 Lockdown. She is happy to have found a job and we are happy we found her and are able to provide her work. We sanitise them before packing and advise our customers to wash them before use.

We have always believed in supporting local businesses and our production facility is a fair trade one too. By having local businesses as stake holders, we are making sure that we have the shortest and most transparent supply chain.

To focus on body positivity

Body positivity is a social movement rooted in the belief that all humans should have a positive body Image, while challenging the ways in which the society presents and views the physical body. This is something that many of us are fighting or have fought at some point of time in our life. This is an interesting and expansive topic, which we can save for an other time.

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