Is this unconditional love ?

Should all relationships be mutual ?

Should all feelings be mutual?

Was almost a ’ Sowmya free’ day until I called at 6 and ruined it for both of us.

I was in pain, pain of hurt, pain of jealousy and pain from period.

I said words that hurt and I heard words that pierced thru my heart. I cried and hit back and he built a wall and split US.

About 6 months ago, my neighbor asked us if we wouldn’t mind sharing our Wi-Fi password. We decided to give it to him because it wouldn’t cost us anything extra, and because we got along with him. Yesterday, as I was getting out of the car, the neighbor was at his door, getting ready to come outside. I stopped to talk a bit as he held the door open. He happily told me he now had Netflix. At that, jokingly I said: ′′I work hard, I barely have time to watch TV, but, if you could lend us your password to watch some shows, we’d appreciate it “. A voice was heard in the distance, inside the house. It was his wife, ′′We can’t give the password to them, because I’m the one who pays the bill and I can’t share it.” The man apologized and I said it was no problem. We kept talking about other things, and as I left, he stayed working outside. When I happened to look outside a little while later, I noticed the man’s wife come outside. She seemed very nervous and upset. They both went into the house. After a few minutes, he and his wife came to my door to tell me the Wi-Fi password wasn’t working anymore. I looked at them and said, ′′ I changed my password, because it’s me paying the bill and I can’t share it “. The wife turned red and tried to say something, but I said, ′′Ma’am, I have my network and you have your Netflix, everything is fine and everyone is happy”. They turned around and left. They never spoke to me again.


This story isn’t mine, but here’s the lesson I learned from it:

– Friendship must be mutual.

– Love must be mutual.

– Affection must be mutual.

In 2020 I intend to return

* backbiting with distance

* silence with silence

* absences with absences

* affection with affection

*friendship with friendship

*loyalty with loyalty.

copied from a friend’s wall

I heard today that every thing should be mutual.

I disagree.

There is a relationship, where I give everything I have and I can, because the person who I share the relationship with matters more than anything else.

There are feelings that I feel and share and not always do they get reciprocated. I still share them unashamedly, as I value this relationship and give it my all. The person means the world to me.

I said long ago, ” for now, for ever and for always” and I’m practicing it every day.

Does it hurt, yes, coz I care. Do I heal, yes, coz he cares more.

Does it hurt, yes, coz I expect. Do I heal, yes, coz he explodes my mind with his kindness.

Does it hurt, yes coz I’m jealous. Do I heal, yes, coz he will fill me with joy and surprise me.

Why kind of relationship is this?

Is this unconditional love ?

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