Ancient Grain Fusion Salad

#Simple #Healthy #Plant-based  #Comfort food #Wickedly Wonderful Wednesday Lunch #Gluten Free

I love the look of salads, even more when they look as colourful as this Ancient Grain Fusion Salad.

Today has been a very odd day in my life. Is odd the right word here, Im not sure, but I have been doing things that I don’t usually do on a wednesday.

I chased the 5.45 am alarm and was awake before it buzzed.

I jumped out of bed when the alarm buzzed – surprised the snooze button there ……….

The first thing I do is climb up the step ladder and clean the ceiling fans in all the rooms. OMG…. thinking and writing about it now, I can hear my friend’s voice in my head now (haha). She can call me names but I like the look of these fans now Continue reading