The very basic definition of organise is to arranged or structured in a systematic way.

I step into our apartment, hoping to find it the way I left it. The way I would like it to be when I get back home. I just want to plonk myself on the sofa and surf thru’ the TV channels on a friday night and drift off to sleep. I have been waiting for days to do this. Just to have the sofa for myself and feel the power of holding the TV remote.

My ideal place to relax and unwind will be where the cushions are in their place straight against the backrest of the sofa. No coffee mugs on the coffee table. Yes, its the coffee table but only for the mugs with freshly made tea, we are tea drinking people. Not for mugs with tea stains drying up and definitely not for wrappers of chocolate, a piece of biscuit, the several remote controls, the pair of reading glasses and the laptop.

Who wouldn’t wish to smell the fresh white linen and a get into a neatly made bed, with the pillows set up straight against the headboard and the cushions not slouching. The crispness of the sheets and warmth of the inviting bed brought a smile to my lips when I was going no more that 2km/hr in peak hour traffic.

My lips did not form a smile, instead they pushed out a tiny “oh” as I stepped into our apartment.

Bemusement spread across my face as I looked at the living room and saw it is pretty much untouched. A  part of me was prepared to find the remote controls spread all over the sofa, they were on the sofa, not all over though.

This space however, looked tidy.

My husband mumbles something about ‘being the polly’ who always turns on the kettle or a “cinderella” who is always cleaning and scrubbing. Okay. That I have learnt to live with. I have failed to understand why or how it is difficult to keep a house tidy and a desk organisedIF and only IF anything used, reaches its home or where it’s taken out from after being used. “Put the book back on the bookshelf after you have finished reading it please “. Is to so hard to follow?

Walking up to hang up my keys on the key holder, I peek into the guest bed room and see it; the laundry still folded on one side of the bed. How does the laundry have a magical ability to breed quicker than it is washed or worn. This particular pile, some folded and many still on hangers has been on spot for days. To be fair, it has been status quo these days but I am desperate to get it cleared away.



“Do you mind putting your folded washing inside your wardrobe for me please?”

“I can surely do that.” comes a quick reply, and a “but not just now” a little delayed.

“Don’t let that bother you. Just let it sit there and I’ll know where to pick it from when I it need it.”

It sounds crazy to anyone who hasn’t been driven mad by the laundry monster. I struggle to hold back the tears and the words that are bouncing in my head.

Why do I always take it so personally? So where do we go from here?

I hate to share the sofa with the remote controls. So I just pick a random one and put away the rest on the coffee table before I plonk myself on the sofa.

I am surfing whatever channels that particular remote changes and I’m thinking – Just for a change I wish that laundry didn’t bother me.

I don’t even dare to think about the home office that my husband is tucked into and his desk. He says ” Organised people are too lazy to look for things”. I don’t understand that.

We can’t always get what we want though, so I force it. I force a smile, I force my mind to think of the many memories that we have created together and the laughter that we have shared. I bite my tongue, and arrange with myself a cry-date for another day.

Sometimes, even maybe most of the time, one of us has to give in that much more and learn to be expect less.  I am still in the process of learning to “let go”.




Seed is the the unit of reproduction of a plant, capable of developing into another such plant.

Seed capital is the initial capital used when starting a business, often coming from the founders’ personal assets.

Superfood seeds are nutritional powerhouses like chia, hemp, flax, pumpkin and sunflower.

Seed Clothing, a very popular Australian brand.

We come across all of the above  and many more seeds everyday.

But what about the seeds for life ?

Seeding a thought  is planting an idea in some one’s mind.

Sow your own seeds for success.

If a quote is a Seed, the inspiring words that follow it, acts as Water.  The two coupled together hold tremendous power.  They help an idea or thought become rooted within the subconscious mind leading to growth.

All of us love to grow be it at home, work or life. We can make this happen through the exchange of experiences, ideas and  knowledge. Growing and learning  stirs the brain and wakes up passions. This helps in healing, building, learning, becoming courageous and confident. All of these can lead us to the direction of old doors that we didn’t know existed and also to the new ones that we now want to open.

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

Success is constant work-in-progress.


A partner is  one of two people who dance together or play together  esp. as a team.

Partner can be the person to whom you are married to. Partner can also be the person you are not married to but with whom you have a close relationship and feel very comfortable with.

Partnership is a relationship where you have each other as your punching bag and where you are each others’ mirrors.

Partner on some level becomes a part of what you do. Part of having fun to part of committing a crime. A partner is always reliable and will help you problem-solve. The things that you can do together varies from setting up a business together, to a road trip, to brainstorming an idea, to plant shopping, to going on a 5k walk, to getting wet in the rain or fixing the lamps at home together.

“Partner,” is more often used as short for Life Partner and is synonymous with soul mates. They are people who are most comfortable with each other. They are also comfortable in each others’ spaces and around each others’ friends and family.

Partners are a part of a unit. In a romantic partnership, It doesn’t matter who said, “I love you” first. Hearing these words out loud makes all the difference. This makes those special moments even more memorable, giving you thousands of butterflies and creating  a memory.  Like the mnemonic to remember the difference goes; A part of me can’t bear to be apart from you.

Partners include each other in their future plans and plan to grow old together.



Apart vs. A Part: What’s the Difference?

It can be difficult to remember the difference between “apart” and “a part.” They are awfully close in their appearance, and when you say the words verbally, they are almost indistinguishable. But despite similar sounds, the two have very different meanings, making it that much more important to keep them straight.

What is the Difference Between Apart and A Part?

In this post I will clear up any confusion you may have about apart vs. a part and give you a few ways to remember the differences.

When to Use Apart

apart or a part grammar rules“Apart” is an adverb meaning (of two or more people or things) separated by some distance; at a specified distance from each other in time or space. For example,

  • The rocks fell 30 feet apart.
  • The family was split 100 miles apart.

“Apart” can also function as a preposition when paired with “from.” “Apart from” means with the exception of, besides. For example,

  • Apart from this cookie, I haven’t eaten anything all day.
  • The whole room was silent, apart from Becky.

“Apart” can also function as a phrasal verb when it is preceded by certain verbs. For example,

  • Pull apart
  • Drift apart
  • Come apart

When to Use A Part

difference between apart versus a part grammar“A part,” which is actually two words, has a different meaning. “A” is an article, and “part” is a noun meaning a piece or segment of something. For example,

  • May I have a part of your sandwich?
  • Once we’re a part of this group, we all must pay dues.

“Part” does not always appear with the article “a,” however. The article “a” can be dropped when “part” is not followed by an adjective. For example, we can rewrite the two examples from above as follows,

  • May I have part of your sandwich?
  • Once we’re part of this group, we all must pay dues.

Be there an adjective before “part,” the article “a” is necessary. For example,

  • May I have small part of your sandwich? (WRONG)
  • May I have a small part of your sandwich? (CORRECT)
  • Once we’re registered part of this group, we all must pay dues. (WRONG)
  • Once we’re a registered part of this group, we all must pay dues. (CORRECT)

Quiz and Sentence Examples

  1. I need to become ______ of a book club.
  2. It’s been three years since we split ______.
  3. Make sure to keep your feet spread ______.
  4. He was asked to be ______ of their inner circle.
  5. ______ from the windy, it’s quite nice outside.

Display the answers below.

Remember the Difference

A good way to remember the difference between “apart” and “a part” is to remember the prepositions with which they are often paired.

“Apart” is often paired with the preposition “from.”

  • Keep those two apart from each other.

“A part” is often paired with the preposition “of.”

  • I am a part of this community.

Another easy usage test is to take away the article “a” and see if the sentence still makes sense. If you can remove “a” from the sentence and not change the meaning, you probably want to use “part.” If it doesn’t make sense once you remove the “a,” you probably want to use “apart.” For example,

  • I am part of this community. (CORRECT)

This sentence still makes sense once we remove the “a,” so we want to use “part.”

  • The rocks fell 30 feet part. (WRONG)

Here the sentence doesn’t make sense once we remove the “a,” so we want to use “apart.”

Finally, a reader recently tweeted me a cute mnemonic to remember the difference. It goes,

  • A part of me can’t bear to be apart from you.

Any of these tricks can help you remember the grammar of a part vs. apart.


Apart is an adverb, meaning, “separated” or “separately.”

  • Usually paired with “from.”

A part is a noun, meaning, “a piece of segment of something.”

  • Usually paired with “of.”


  1. A part
  2. Apart
  3. Apart
  4. A part
  5. Apart

as seen on http://writingexplained.org/apart-vs-a-part-difference


If something runs in a loop, or is on a loop, it runs continuously, so that the same things are repeated again and again: how boring would it be if life was on a loop. Breaking the barriers and moving out of the loop is what bring excitement in life.

Rumi said –

‘It’s your road and yours alone!
Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you!’

We walk our own life path – trudging uphill or gliding through the meandering meadows, at times negotiating through the marshlands and at others crawling through the tumult.

The journey – irrespective of the trail – always adds up to the experience called ‘LIFE’.

Despite, the numerous moments when we want to jump off the rocking boat sailing through the stormy sea, nothing compares to the exhilaration of reaching the destination thereafter.

The ride obviously gets better with wonderful co-passengers through the journey.

Yet, the ride gets enriched with getting to meet the wrong ones too.

We keep some close to heart while others leave their footprint in the sands of time.

Life gets worth its while, with the regular dosage of ups and downs

I would not want to change a bit of my journey!

Would want to face the rest of the journey with equal gusto.

The phrase, ‘Stagnation is death!!’ – stands tall.

via Daily Prompt: Loop


What is total ? The final amount you get when several smaller amounts are added together.

Whatever you look at, if you add up you get a total. The total either brings you happiness or not. There is no in-between there.

The total is not always correct. It depends on where and how you look at it. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. These little drops are what count. In life it is the same. Little things are the ones that matter most.

It doesn’t matter if your husband or boyfriend does not buy you a mere for your birthday, but what matters is if he holds the door open for you everytime you get into his car.

It doesn’t matter if your mother does not visit you as often as you’d like, but what matters is that she cooks and is always waiting for you when you walk into her house.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t talk to your friend for 3 months, but what matters is that you can pick up from where you last left when you meet her for a cup of tea.

It doesn’t matter if you have a designer wardrobe, but what matters is that you feel comfortable, happy and good in what you wear everyday.

The total of these little things make up everyday life and this what matters most.








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