If something runs in a loop, or is on a loop, it runs continuously, so that the same things are repeated again and again: how boring would it be if life was on a loop. Breaking the barriers and moving out of the loop is what bring excitement in life.

Rumi said –

‘It’s your road and yours alone!
Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you!’

We walk our own life path – trudging uphill or gliding through the meandering meadows, at times negotiating through the marshlands and at others crawling through the tumult.

The journey – irrespective of the trail – always adds up to the experience called ‘LIFE’.

Despite, the numerous moments when we want to jump off the rocking boat sailing through the stormy sea, nothing compares to the exhilaration of reaching the destination thereafter.

The ride obviously gets better with wonderful co-passengers through the journey.

Yet, the ride gets enriched with getting to meet the wrong ones too.

We keep some close to heart while others leave their footprint in the sands of time.

Life gets worth its while, with the regular dosage of ups and downs

I would not want to change a bit of my journey!

Would want to face the rest of the journey with equal gusto.

The phrase, ‘Stagnation is death!!’ – stands tall.

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What is total ? The final amount you get when several smaller amounts are added together.

Whatever you look at, if you add up you get a total. The total either brings you happiness or not. There is no in-between there.

The total is not always correct. It depends on where and how you look at it. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. These little drops are what count. In life it is the same. Little things are the ones that matter most.

It doesn’t matter if your husband or boyfriend does not buy you a mere for your birthday, but what matters is if he holds the door open for you everytime you get into his car.

It doesn’t matter if your mother does not visit you as often as you’d like, but what matters is that she cooks and is always waiting for you when you walk into her house.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t talk to your friend for 3 months, but what matters is that you can pick up from where you last left when you meet her for a cup of tea.

It doesn’t matter if you have a designer wardrobe, but what matters is that you feel comfortable, happy and good in what you wear everyday.

The total of these little things make up everyday life and this what matters most.









Volume is the perception of loudness that you can hear.

How many times have you waited for someone to reply to the message you wrote, but never received it?

How many times have you dressed up for someone, waiting to hear from them that you’re beautiful?

How many times have you waited for someone’s call, so that they make you feel happy?

How many times have you waited for someone to appreciate the work you’re doing, so it’s easier for you to continue doing it?

With the reply that never came, the compliment you didn’t hear, the phone call that wasn’t intended, and the appreciation that was held back – you and I, we lost our self-worth.

Since kindergarten, we began to associate our self-worth with the golden stars our teachers gave us. By middle school, this turned into how popular people thought we were and by college, we were living on the compliments we received, and the number of people who praised us.

And till today, we think that our worth is determined by the way others perceive us. Thus, we want our boss to happy with our work, we want our partners to constantly praise us, we want to be noticed, and we want to be appreciated.

Slowly, and gradually, this will harm us. Seeking approval and validation from others will change into a permanent, life-long struggle if we don’t start believing in ourselves.

Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself – carefully. Speak to your reflection. Loud and clear. Turn up the Volume as much as you want.

Tell your reflection you are beautiful, you are strong. Tell your reflection that you appreciate yourself, that you love yourself. Tell your reflection that you want to make yourself happy. Tell your reflection that you’ll be there for yourself.

Because, sooner or later, we will realize that there is no one who will always be there for us, there is no one who can constantly praise us, appreciate us, and keep us happy. That is our job.

And that job begins by believing that we can help ourselves. It begins from today. Right now.

What is the Volume of the voice in your head that is telling you to believe in yourself and make a start NOW to be there for yourself before you expect anyone else to help you and be there for you ?




Uniform. Remaining the same in all cases and at all times; unchanging in form or character is what came to my mind when I saw this word now.

How utterly boring will life be if we were to remain the same in all situations. To respond the same to every situation. To remain uniform. This is unimaginable for me.Its giving me shivers even thinking about it.

It would be like an assembly in School where every word and every move is pre-determined and you are expected to follow the rule, like on auto-pilot, without even thinking about it. That for me was the most boring part of school and I still haven’t figured out why one had to start the day at school like that.

Responding and reacting to situations that everyday presents is what make life, life. If everyone’s response and reactions are uniform, then there is nothing that is exciting and it becomes very predictive. What makes life an adventure is the fact that you don’t know what to except, you don’t know how the people around you are going to respond, you are expected to go with the flow and respond to every situation differently. React where needed. Our reactions make memories which stay with us and the people around us for a long time and sometimes for ever.

Be as un-predictive as possible and enjoy the surprises that life throws at you.






Something that is imaginary is created by and exists only in the mind.

What’s your happy place ?

A place where you can dance to the music in your mind.

A place where you can be with the one you want to share a chocolate ice-cream with at 2 am.

A place where you can swap outfits with your best friend and have a huge wardrobe.

A place where you feel contented and happy at all times.

A place where you can hum the tune in your heart and not get stared at for the sound of your voice.

A place where there is no room for stress.

A place where there is no space for worry.

A place where there is unlimited time.

A place where there is infinite possibilities.

A place where the ending of a movie can be change overtime you watch it.

A place where you can go back in time and relive your life.

A place where you are the height that you want to be without the aid of heels.

A place where you are not judged for your weight, age, sex and colour of your skin.

A place where you can have beach waves one day and straight hair the next and everyday is a good hair day.

A place where you can wear yellow nail paint and carry it off like its your second skin.

A place where you can pole dance.

A place where you are the winner of the 10K run.

A place where you are more than regular at the gm.

A place where your favourite song is playing everytime you turn the radio on.

A place where the love of your life never forgets to buy you flowers on your birthday.

A place where your best friend always picks up your call when you call her and is never too busy for you.

A place where you are with the love of your life on a private beach when you feel like you need a swim.

A place where you are bungee jumping from bridge into the water with your best friend hugging you.

A place where you walk into the sunset with the love of your life.


All these are happy places for me and all these and manymore are places that I enjoy visiting and revisiting.

I get to go to most of these happy places……………anytime I please.  Where everything looks and behaves the way that makes me feel beautiful and wonderful. My happy place is warm and colorful. I always have a smile on his face for sure.

I have created these happy places in my mind. These are imaginary places for now. I am firm believer in the saying…..

“Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.”

What’s your happy place ?




Wonder what the bird is thinking ?

Expose – this is to remove what is covering something so that it can be seen.

I love to start my day with a walk around the lake in Lalbagh. It’s a couple of minutes drive from my parents’ house and a good 20 minutes from our apartment. I try to do this every other day.

During my walk this morning, I stopped in my tracks, just before reaching the bridge and realised that at that instant I didn’t recall how I had reached that point or even what I had seen on my way.

I felt lost in the most familiar of surroundings, the path that I take every other morning. I had reached that spot on auto pilot. My brain knows to take that same path and that’s how I had reached where I has stopped to ponder.

Being immersed and spinning around in a circular bubble of my  thoughts I was missing out on what was going on around you. I recalled reading a blog that spoke about being present physically but wasn’t present.  Existing but not living. That’s exactly what I felt like at that moment – existing but not living.

I had to then bring myself to come to the present. Life is not all about just what is going on within me but also about everything that is going on around me.

The smell of the mud from the rain last night. The million shades of green around. The lotus in the pond. The warmth of the rising sun. The chirping of the birds. Children enjoying running and chasing each other. A group of people training for the up-coming marathon in the city. People who were taking a break and chit chatting on the benches. Others who were clicking photographs. A guy who looks like a personal trainer who is instructing this girl. Is he pushing her to reach beyond what she thinks she is capable of doing ?

These are things that I exposed my self to see and feel by forcing my brain and stop thinking and come to the present. I turned a 360 degrees at that spot where I had stopped to ponder.

Note to self : Expose yourself to the wonders of nature and be in the present to enjoy life around you. The best way to start your days.



Lifestyle is the way in which a person lives.

My day starts early, early to what or whom. Early by my own standards at 05.55. It starts with a walk along the lake front with my best friend – not as often as I would like but at least 3 times a week. Starting the day with walking towards sunrise, along the lake front with my best friend next to me – what else can one ask for. I thank my stars and my life every time this happens. waiting for tomorrow morning as I haven’t walked for 4 days now.

We refresh ourselves with a dose of fresh carrot+beetroot juice at the entrance of the market before shopping for veggies and fruits. The day has started with planning lunch and making sure all the required ingredients are there.

Back home by 8.30, turning on my laptop and checking on what’s happening in the world while I slept, I simultaneously fix breakfast and clean the veggies for lunch. I am not a great cook and do not enjoy my time in the kitchen. I cook because I have to and I spent no more than 1 hour in the kitchen. By 10 am, the kitchen is cleaned and closed for the morning.

Depending on the schedule for the day, I then work, think, work, make phone calls, work, check face book, work and have fun till its time for lunch. Lunch time is at 1.30 and since I have the luxury of working from home, I enjoy a relaxed lunch and a wee bit of lie down and catch up on YouTube.

With a cup of refreshing tea at 3.30, I wear my creative hat and spend time building. Building for me making something from scratch, be it based on an idea in my head or stringing up beads to match an outfit, or sketching an outfit, or writing a blog on WordPress.

My evening are governed by the TV schedule. not much drama happens in my life and I don’t want to miss out the drama on TV. By 8.30, all the things I have planned for the day needs to be finished as its drama time on TV. Not the best of scenes, but dinner is with TV. 8.30 to 10.30 – my phone and computer get charged at this time too.

I also fit in visiting my parents every 2nd day, window shopping, trying a new dessert recipe, day dreaming, learning to let-go of the small things that would bother me, burning calories, teaching myself to get out of my comfort zone and try new things, catch up with friends (at least 1 everyday).

This daily routine reflects my lifestyle.

I see Lifestyle as the style with which one enjoys life. Everybody has a different life and a different style. Some people would say that I’m having it good and some others would say I’m having it bad. Everybody has their own ways of going about life in their own style. My style reflects on my life and my life reflects my style.